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Tying Equipment


Our 2000 Series Pak-Tyers are available in many sizes.  Our Specialty Models provide solutions for those more unique applications. For high volume applications take a look at our Automated Systems.  All Pak-Tyer models can be set up to use the type of string tying materials best suited for your particular application.

US 2000

US-2000 Ultra Sonic Banding Machines are industrial duty automatic banding systems designed for commercial use with paper, clear film and ribbon film banding materials in width ranging from 15mm to 100mm.
Available in many different sizes in stand alone banding machines or fully Automated Banding Systems.
Felins line of Tabletop Banding Machines are ideal for those lighter duty applications.

Flex Strap

Felins, the first name in innovative specialty packaging solutions, brings you the versatility and product protecting characteristics of stretch film banding with the Flex Strap Systems.

With the Flex Strap's unique heat sealing feature, you can securely band even the most difficult bundle configurations using 60 to 200 gauge films.

Loop Plus

Fast, Clean, and Economical describes this easy to use automatic tabletop strapper. This 45 lb. (21Kg) bundling machine is portable enough to go nearly anywhere. Wherever it is, it takes the headaches out of bundling currency, bank notes, mail, parcels, supplies, computer printouts, printed or copied materials - you name it!



MS 420

The JD-Series Banders are portable tabletop machines used for applying a uniform, secure band to a wide variety of products, from delicate wedding invitations to die cut labels, mail, currency, posters, business cards, brochures and bindery applications.

The MS 420 offers superior reliability in a tabletop model. This light weight portable unit provides reliable heat seal banding using paper or plastic. 

The ease of operation, material changing and the versatility of using paper or plastic banding materials, make the MS 420 ideal for a wide range of bundling applications. Material is available in a variety of colors and can be printed.


Our Automatic Rubber Banders (ARB) are fully automatic systems that provide problem-free rubber banding.  These systems automatically load, stretch and apply bands from a continuous roll of up to 5500 chain bands.