About Us

Our extensive experience as a leading distributor in the industry has allowed us to form invaluable relationships with the industries most reputable production companies. These relationships allow us to provide our customers with immediate access to the absolute best machinery and products available for their individual packaging needs, at the best price. We proudly partner with the top machinery production companies all over the world in order to ensure the most reliable and cost effective solutions for our customers.    

Why Choose Us?


We are a family run company and pride ourselves on our ability to treat our customers as if they were family. When you purchase a machine or product from us, it is more than just a one and done deal. In addition to providing the most cutting edge machinery and packing solutions, our service team's extensive experience allows us to continually upkeep our clients machinery and ensure our products last their intended lifetimes. We guarantee that our team can provide a timely solution to any need from designing complex integrated machinery systems to the transport of highly unusual and expansive packaging systems.   

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