Over the past 50 years we have developed a reputation for success within the packaging industry that has allowed us to expand into many industries. In order to meet the demands of new clients in new industries, we have expanded our services to ensure we have the packaging system you need. We have designed custom integrated packaging systems for individual clients ranging from 5 Star Hotel chains larger than life laundry systems to our most recent venture optimizing the industrial sized compactors for the food and packaging waste at In-N-Out Burger. We find that our extensive experience in engineering new packaging systems for our clients is not limited to industries we are familiar with, but is continuously expanded by new opportunities to design a system that is exactly what our customers are seeking.  
Food Grade Machinery


We specialize in USDA approved, food grade machinery systems that incorporate stainless steel and easy to remove/clean belting or touch surfaces. From prepackaged meals to individual products, such as tortillas all the way to organic dog bones we have a system to suit your production needs. 

Industrial Compactors

A major aspect of any restaurant or grocer is the byproduct of preparing and serving food to many consumers each day. Whether you need a solution for food waste or packaging waste, our  Industrial Compactors & Industrial Bailers for Recycling are capable handling and properly storing waste from any size food production operation.  

 Beverage Bottling Systems

One of our most exciting new machinery lines is our Beverage Bottling Systems. Whether you are a small scale, newer operation or an established large scale beverage production, we have a packaging solution for you. We have machinery and integrated packaging systems capable of filling, conveying, cleaning, labeling, crowning or seaming, coding, case packing, taping, and palletizing.         


For decades we have been serving the packaging needs of the flower growing industry. Whatever size floral production you have, at any step in the growing/selling process we are confident in our ability to provide a solution for your packaging need. We specialize in customizable plastic sleeves, customizable floral (corrugated) boxes, labels, tying, strapping, conveyor systems, packaging for product preservation when shipping direct, and much more. 

Custom Corrugated Boxes


Creating a memorable package for your products while ensure the products arrive in their intended condition is essential to continual customer satisfaction. We have worked with many companies to create the right style and shape box for their product, with adequate space for protective packaging, and the most appealing branding options for the outer print. We are confident that we can work together to create the optimum corrugated box your customers will not soon forget.   

Industrial Laundry Systems 

Washing, folding, packing, and storing the immense amount of laundry that hotel chains produce on any given day can be overwhelming and sometimes cut into the productivity of staff and the satisfaction of customers. Purchasing an industrial laundry system can shift the burden from staff  to an integrated machinery system, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction. Our Laundry Systems specialize in conveying, tying or strapping, overwrapping, material handling, packing and much more. 

Relocating Large Machinery Systems


Our experts in packaging have serviced, dismantled, relocated, and rebuilt again almost every packaging system available in the industry. If your company is relocating, expanding or just reorganizing your space trust our team to get you from A to B and back to production without delay.    

General Packaging


At All-Pack-Company, Inc. we understand that in order for your company's production to run at its optimum, it is essential that the materials protecting your products are of the highest quality.

In order to ensure that your packaging material needs are met on a continual basis, we continuously restock our warehouse with the highest quality materials. Ranging from stretch wrap and the most modern bottling products to bagging, sealing, and much more, we are confident that we can immediately deliver the packaging material you need, at the most competitive pricing. 

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